On March 16, 2018 we bought these two precious puppies from Cow Country Shorty Jacks in Throckmorton, TX and brought them to our home in Bartlett, TN just outside of Memphis.

They are amazing pets and companions. They are very active, but take naps and sleep through the night in their kennels without a sound. Just say "Kennel Up" and they do it. Because of our love for our amazing Jack Russell Terriers we want to share the joy and excitement with others. 

The name Bro-Po’s comes from our dog’s names.

The Bro is for Brody, our male dog. He stands 9 ¾ inches tall. He is solid muscle. He is a very loyal, obedient and intelligent dog. He is very active, loves daily walks, but can be entertained other ways. He loves to play with balls, tug-a-war and gnaw on bones. He responds to many commands. We have a routine that consists of 7 different commands that he learned at 3 months of age. He loves people, especially children. He does not like other dogs. I think it would be a matter of socializing him.

The Po is for Porcha, our sweet little girl. She stands 9 ½ inch tall. She is emotional like all females I have known. She is affectionate and loving. She loves to walk and chase squirrels. She is ferocious when she plays tug-a-war. She loves children, but does not like other dogs. She is a lap dog and loves to cuddle with my husband in his recliner. She loves her neck, shoulders, and back rubbed. She is intelligent and responds to basic commands. She has proven to be a great Mama with 8 healthy puppies her first liter.


Brody9 12-11-2020.JPG

I am so proud of this big boy. I got him to replace the void Jake left in our lives. He has superseded my expectations. He is a great companion and motivator. He is very loving, intelligent and devoted. He was performing a routine with 7 commands at the age of 3 months in addition to trained to walk with leash and obey heel and come commands and a host of other commands.



This little lady is an amazing Mama. She was the smallest puppy in her litter, but she did a big job. We waited until she was 2 years old to breed her, and it paid great dividends. She had 8 healthy puppies her first litter. She took care of them while birthing them like a champ and has continued to take care of them. She has done what I said she couldn't do.

Porcha3 10-10-2020.JPG