Bro-Po Jack Russell Shorties is a member of the English Jack Russell Terrier Club Alliance (EJRTCIA) breed standard. Our puppies are EJRTCA registerable.  Our puppy parents have been PLL&SCA tested and cleared by parentage.

Health Record

All Bro-Po puppies come with a Veterinarian Health Record which includes shot and deworming history and schedule for next treatments per our veterinarian.

Consider Before You Buy

Before you decide to purchase please consider carefully whether purchasing a puppy is right for and your family. This breed lives 12+years. A few live to be 20+ and you are committing to look after your new family member for that length of time, in sickness and health. This a loyal and loving breed, which can live in an apartment and adapts to any life style, but loves exercise and requires mental stimulation and family companionship to remain happy and healthy. Careful consideration should be given to whether you can provide a puppy with the daily attention and exercise that these Shorties require. Puppies should be walked with a leash at all times and have access to a fenced yard.

What We Feed Our Puppies

We feed our adult dogs American Journey Salmon & Brown Rice or Sweet Potato Grain-free Dry Dog Food. This is brand. There are several formulas. This is an American made dog food. It is documented that a Jack Russell can have digestive issues. I have found this to be true with both of my male dogs, Jake and Brody. I recommend Grain-free dog for this reason. My puppies get Pedigree Canned Puppy Food (Chicken & Rice) during the weaning process and will be transitioned to American Journey Puppy Food by 8 weeks.

Unexpected Circumstance

It is my hope and prayer that you will be able to enjoy your puppy without any undue hardship, and you can no longer care for your puppy/dog. I have spent time with them, given them names and studied their personalities. I would be so sad if for any reason you were not able to keep it. If for any reason you can not keep your puppy/dog, please NEVER take it to a shelter. This can be a very terrifying experience as most dogs don't adapt well to a loud & unfamiliar place & they are exposed to all types of diseases. Many families would be willing to adopt your puppy/dog. If you are unable to re-home your puppy/dog, please call me and I will try to help you re-home it or have your puppy shipped back to me.


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