Bentley and Bandit

Good morning!

I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you how well Bandit has adjusted to our home! We LOVE HIM!! He has brought a lot of life back into our other dog who was grieving the loss of our beagle. It's been fun to watch and experience. He had a great check up with our vet and of course they fell in love with him! I just wanted to pass that along as I know you must wonder how they are doing!


Roxy & Ruby

My boxer, Ruby, lost her sister, a Jack Russell mix, about 9 or 10 months ago. I really didn't know that dogs have feelings, but Ruby was just mopping around and was very sad. When I saw an ad in in the local paper about shorty jack puppies for sale I had to jump. Well my boxer took to my Roxy (Precious) right off the bat. Roxy was just what my boxer needed. This has lifted my boxer's spirit unbelievably. It's has been such a joy for my family, and my boxer is so happy. Thanks again, Susie, for the new family member. She has made me and my family very happy.


Layla Pearl

We drove from Louisville, KY to get her, and it was worth the drive. She is very healthy and 100% EJRT. Layla has a quirky personality. She is just silly all the time. She is wide open from the time she wakes up until she goes to sleep. She keeps us laughing all the time


Ellie Mae (Penny)

Ellie Mae loves everything and everyone. She loves her human sisters, neighbors and toys. She is adventurous and will do anything from inner tubing to rope swinging, She loves to ear and cuddle and is the best dog ever.




Beau is spunky, tenacious, and a loyal member of our family. He plays hard and sleeps hard. Beau loves to play with our lab, Macy, going for car rides and visiting with all the neighborhood dogs that walk by our house. He never wants to miss a moment of action going on around the house. Most importantly, he is so lovely and cuddly and well loved!



Mrs. Susie, the little clear toy bone you sent home with her is still her favorite chew toy. She has grown into a huge personality in this house...LOL.. and she's very loving and loyal...In the pic that use to be my bed, but she insists on sharing.



My oldest brother passed 2-7-19. He loved Jack RusselIs. When I got Brody and Procha, I told him I was going to raise puppies. I saw in his precious face and big brown eyes that he wanted one. The Lord impressed on me to give this puppy to my brother's widow in memory of him and that expression I still see on his face. God is so good. He gave me a gift that I could pass on. She also wanted a puppy.



Boomer has two brothers.  He loves cuddling with his big brother. He makes a great cushion to lie on. He loves to play with them. He is quiet spoiled and loved very much by his human mama.